Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Get nice and cozy this Valentine's Day with your love one. After all the dinner, present exchange, and kisses, it's time to get comfy with your partner. Today's feature are some great items to keep your Valentine mood still in motion and also make you relax.

The comfy Hugs and Kisses is one of my favorite items. It gives a very sweet and sincere feeling. I can just imagine snuggling against it. You can find this pillow in BonTons' Etsy Shop for $18.00. There's two available right now, so if you hurry, you can get the last two for your bed set. I'm sure it'll bring a smile to your partner and yourself every morning. The X's and O's are stitched in place so they won't fall off. You can also find other personalized items in Bontons' shop. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

Our next item will go great with the Hugs and Kisses Pillows, it's this one of a kind Holiday Hand Stitched Quilt. It's sure to be a unique gift and super warm to use as you snuggle up to your partner. This quilt can be use for years or generations even. I can see myself passing down this great quilt. You can purchase this lovely quilt from LemonPeel for $100.

In any Valentine's atmosphere you need to light up some candles to really make that romantic mood. So why not get this sweet smelling Chocolate Soy Massage Candles. Yeah, that's right get your massage on while the room begins to fill with the sexy, erotic coco smell. MmmmMmm... Can you imagine it? These candles are called massage candles because you can actually use the melted wax as a massage oil. Now isn't that extra sweet! Make your partner smell like chocolate lol. Get these unique candles from Chickscratch for $15.00. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

The last Nice and Cozy feature for today are this beautiful Hearted Fingerless Gloves in Rose made by Knitsational. Like I said in my past post, I love fingerless gloves and this is absolutely one of my favorites. Imagine yourself waking up after a great Valentine's night with you partner and wearing these soft, warm gloves as you sip your morning tea. It's an imagine to warm your heart. These fingerless gloves are special because they have a picture within them which is different from most fingerless gloves you can find on Etsy. You can get them for $35.00 at Knitsational's shop. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

**Please Read: Discounts will only work when you put "NewYorkMemos" in "Seller's Note" during checkout.**

~ BonTons - 10% OFF any order made before Feb. 14th.

~ Chickscratch - 10% OFF any full size candle purchase made before Feb. 14th

~ Knitsational - 20% OFF any order made before Feb. 14th.

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  1. Some great goodies to get all cosy with your lover here! Love the Hugs and Kisses :) Thanks!

  2. love the pillow case! cute posting! :)


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