Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VALENTINE FEATURE DAY 13 - Calling All Singles

I know Valentine's Day is mostly revolved around couples, but I didn't forget about all the single people out there. You guys also deserve to have a great time on Valentine's Day and find someone you can enjoy it with. Today's feature is dedicated to all the singles out there. I hope you will like today's feature items.

The first featured item today is this awesome card pictured above. I think the card is really cool and perfect for "Single's Day". It is made from 30% post consumer recycled material and can be found in PaperMango's etsy shop for just $3.00. So if you're single or know someone who is, this is a must get card.

The next featured item it this fabulous Love Drawing Oil from LodeStoneAndLadysMantle for $15.00. It has a sweet and sexy fragrance made from hints of rose and jasmine that is sure to attract the men. This oil is a perfect new and unique scent to wear on your night out to stand out. It'll also be great for your next date to create the romantic mood. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

Next is this fun and one of a kind creation by ScenicYouth. This necklace is the flirtiest necklace I've ever seen. Why you ask? Well because it's a double sided sterling silver necklace that says "AVAILABLE" on one side and "TAKEN" on the other! lol It's totally outrageous! If you want men to come and ask you out flip it to the "AVAILABLE" side, but if you're not in the mood that night and just want to dance then flip it to the "TAKEN" side to buzz them off. Get this great necklace for only $14.00 from ScenicYouth! (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

The last single item today is this hip Emo's Cupid Bracelet. Created by MonkeyBuns, this bracelet was meant to represent the times when Cupid leads us a stray sometimes and ends up shattering our hearts. With every heartbreak we learn to build a fence around our hearts and the silver lining is when we live to love again. I think this bracelt is absolutely beautiful and has a meaning we believe we all been through. It also would look great with any outfit when you're going out at night. You can get this bracelet for $48.00 from MonkeyBuns' etsy shop. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)


**Please Read: Discounts will only work when you put "NewYorkMemos" in "Seller's Note" during checkout.**

~ LodeStoneAndLadysMantle - 10% OFF Love Oil orders made before Feb. 14th.

~ ScenicYouth - FREE Shipping when orders are made before Feb. 14th.

~ MonkeyBuns - 10% OFF orders made before Feb. 14th with the CODE: SINGLES

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  1. monkeybuns has such gorgeous bracelets! nice feature.

  2. Great finds! Single people need love too! (and also, cute Etsy items :) )
    The description of that oil sounds so pretty, I can almost smell it.


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