Sunday, January 25, 2009

VALENTINE FEATURE DAY 11 - Attention Men - It's for Your Woman

CALLING ALL MEN! ATTENTION PLEASE! =) Thanks...*ahem.. Valentine's Day is one of the most important day to remember especially for the men. All you men out there don't want to dare forget one of the most romantic day of the year. Now I every year you guys find it hard to figure out what to get your girl this year so today's feature will help guide you.

My first suggestion is this beautiful Hand Painted Silk Scarf. This scarf is a perfect gift because it serves as a card and a gift! The scarf already has the message you want to say to your girl, "Be Mine". Everytime she wears it, you can be sure she's thinking of you. You can also be sure that everytime someone askes her where she got such a lovely, unique scarf she'll be thinking of you. You can purchase this lovely scarf from MadeWithLovingHands for just $18.00! (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

My next suggestion are these fabulous Origami Rose Bouquet made by Lunatiger. Why give her flowers that would just die in a week when you can give her these artistic valentine origami roses made from sating ribbon that will last forever. Let her be reminded of you love for years to come instead of just a week. I know that everytime my boyfriend buys me flowers I get so happy and of course love them, but when the flowers start to die I start to feel sad. I would love to have flowers blooming on my desk for me to look at all year round. Get these everlasting in a variety of colors for only $17.00 from Lunatiger. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

Now another great suggestion is this gorgeous handbag. Trust me on this men, almost all women love handbags. We all need at least one handbag in our closet and this hangbag by Daphnenen for $55.00 would be a fabulous gift. This bag is made from high quality COTTON VELVET fabric and is extremely durable, yet lightweight. It can hold lots of items and also comes in a variety of colors to match your need.

My next suggestion and last one for this feature is a gift almost every woman will absolutely love and would want for Valentine's's a ring! Ok, ok...don't be doesn't have to be an engagement ring, but a promise ring would be nice. The ring pictured below is one of the most beautiful rings I've ever seen. It was named "Royal" by it's creator's shop ArtisanLook. I love that name "Royal" and it totally matches the ring's feature. Made from sterling silver and 9k yellow gold, this ring can be order from sizes 5-12 to fit your woman's finger. So why not treat you woman like royalty and spoil them with gorgeous ring on Valentine's Day.

**Please Read: Discounts will only work when you put "NewYorkMemos" in "Seller's Note" during checkout.**

~ MadeWithLovingHands - 10% OFF an item $20 or under or 15% off an item over $20" CODE: NYNYVAL to purchase made before Feb. 14th.

~ LunaTiger - Free swarovski star with any 2 or more purchases made before Feb. 14th.

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  1. I love the burgundy purse by Daphnenen. There's a great selection on their website too.


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