Saturday, June 13, 2009

Father's Day Feature Day 2 - "The Business Dad"

Welcome to Day 2 of the Father's Day Gift Feature! Today I'll be featuring fabulous gifts for "The Business Dad". Who is a "Business Dad"? A Business Dad is a man who goes to work everyday, works hard for his family, and when he comes home he understands how to show his family he loves them not only with the money he provides, but the time he takes to spend time with them. He works not to become rich with material items, but to provide his family enough to be happy. The Business Dad is the dad that know how to love his work AND his family.

The first showcased item today is pictured above, the UPCYCLED Dark Brown Vintage Briefcase. What a sleek design it has and very environmental too! Your "Business Dad" can go to work knowing he's not only adding his 2 cents to "saving the world", but he's going in style. This one of a kind briefcase is designed with a handpainted white leaf and has an interior that contains 4 Legal Sized Folder Dividers. You can find this piece of artwork lugguage in GetReadySetGO's Etsy Shop for $49.95. GetReadySetGO is also having a 1 YEAR ETSY-VERSARY SALE so be sure to stop by and read their annoucement for more information. (P.S. Check out the FREE EARRINGS deal ^_~)

The next item of the feature is pictured below, the Bark - Men's Leather Belt. What's so special about this belt? Well why don't I just go ahead and tell you then? Well...I think I will then lol Not only is this belt made with handmade quality it is also made with quality Italian textured leather and topgrain leather. (Ever wanted to give something Italian to someone? This is the gift to give.) For those who don't know topgrain leather flexes when you do, so no more rigid, uncomfortable belts. Think of all those business meetings your Business Dad will be attending and in his mind he'll be thanking you for giving him something comfortable to wear. You can find this finely handcrafted piece in AnvilArtshop's Etsy Shop for $48.00.

The last, but not least feature for today's "Business Dad" is the Isigo Reclaimed Amazon Hardwood Box, pictured above. Handcraved from Isigo, an Amazon Hardwood similar to Mahogany, this box was created with nothing held back. Nothing but quality work, from its 100% wool felt interior to protect valuables to it's numerous coats of polyurethane and beeswax for a polished and durable finish. This accessory box was made to last and to protect the valuables your Business Dad will place in it. Let your Business Dad keep his cherish items in a box he'll also cherish and let him remember he deserves such fine craftmanship. You can purchase this handcrafted box from JAmberg's Etsy Shop for $50.00. JAmberg is also having a FREE SHIPPING YART SALE.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoy the father dad feature today. Make sure to come back tomorrow for Father’s Day Gift Feature Day 3 – "The Hobby Dad"! Ciao everyone!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Father’s Day Gift Feature Day 1 – “The Home Dad”

Today is Day 1 of the Father’s Day three day feature! If you’re still shopping around for the perfect gift for the father(s) in your life, bookmark this post because there’ll be some awesome gifts showcased. Day 1 is all about “The Home Dad”. The man who takes care of the home and knows how special it is to have time to spend with his kids. A man who loves to cook AND wash the dishes. Someone every woman would appreciate in their life.

The first showcased item is pictured above, the
Chocolate Ripples Coffee Mug. This mug is a great way for a father to start the day with his favorite drink, whether it be coffee or tea. This mug has a special aura and design to it that just speaks “I was made with love and care, cherish me” and everytime he takes a sip he’ll remember “This mug was given to me by the person(s) I love and care about, I will cherish it”. Hand thrown with dark amber clay with a shaped handle for a comfortable hold, this mug is a one of a kind. You can find this item in EntropyDesigns’ Etsy Shop for only $10.50. Be sure to stop by before June 14th to catch her 20% off YART sale!

The next showcased item is pictured below, the Quotes for FATHERS Mercantile Jar of 168. Check out this awesome new way to tell your “Home Dad” how much you care in 168 ways! This unique gift was created with fun and love in mind. Each quote is loving and hilarious at the same time. Make him laugh, make him smile, make him remember he is appreciated. Examples of some of the quotes are…

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it." - Clarence Budington Kelland

"By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong." - Charles Wadsworth

You can find this jar of wonder in
Inspiredletters’ Etsy Shop for just $9.95! Inspiredletters is also having a YART sale so go check it out before June 14th!

LadybugsDesigns - Manly Marvelous Microwave Oven Mitts $12.00

The last showcased item for today is something every “Home Dad” needs, the Manly Marvelous Microwave Oven Mitts pictured above! These cool mitts come in the perfect size for your “Home Dad”. He’ll never burn his wonderful, magic hands again with these mitts. “Need to take those cookies out of the oven? I’ll do it!” he’ll say. “How about that casserole? Let me help with my manly mitts” he’ll exclaim. Find these manly mitts in LadybugsDesigns’ Etsy Shop for $12.00.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoy the father dad feature today. Make sure to come back tomorrow for Father’s Day Gift Feature Day 2 – “The Business Dad”! Ciao everyone!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Father Day Special Coming Tomorrow!

Still haven't found that perfect gift for the father(s) in your life? Well, I'm here to lend a helping hand! Starting tomorrow 'till Sunday I will be featuring some great Father's Day gifts you'll just love! So make sure you stop on by my blog tomorrow for the 1st of my 3 day feature.

June 12th - Gifts for "The Home Dad"
June 13th - Gifts for "The Business Dad"
June 14th - Gifts for "The Hobby Dad"

Thanks for reading!


Destiny-To-Go Grand Opening Sale! 50% OFF!

Good Morning Readers ^_^

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Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm BACK! Kickin' It Off with Giveaways!

Hey there everyone! Yes, I'm back. Sorry about not updating these pass months. I've been going through life changes that are too complicated to explain, but let's get back to some good news. To kick off my come-back post, I've decided to list some great giveaways going on this month that will surely catch your eyes. Check them out and have fun! ^_^ Best of Luck to Everyone!

~ Artistic Edition - Hair Snaps Giveaway ENDS June 9th at 10 pm EST

You can win a variety pack of her Hair Snaps! (5 Swarovski crystal and 5 Swarovski pearl), just head on over to Skylark Dawn's Blog and enter!

~ PURE Natural Mineral Make-Up Giveaway ENDS June 14 at 11:59 pm EST

You can win $10 gift certificate to use at PURE Natural Minerals. Enter over at Salad For Breakfast's blog for your chance at this awesome prize!

~ SimplyRaevyn - $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway ENDS June 15th

You can win a $25 Gift Certificate good at Simply Raevyn's 3 shops, Raevyn77, SimplyRaevyn, and PeculiarParchment. Enter at Simply Raevyn's blog (the set picture above is only $10! wow!)

~ RikRak Studio - Fabric Clutch Purse Giveaway ENDS June 9 at 9:00PM EST

Win your choice of one vintage fabric purse from rikrak shop! Go grab your chance on getting one of these great clutch purse at RikRak Studio's Blog right now!

~ BlueBerryShoes - Win this Beautiful Brooch! ENDS JUNE 17, 2009

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