Monday, January 5, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

You see that lovely pendant up there? Yeah...I won it! ^_^ Woot! I love to wake up in the morning and be a "WINNER" lol But don't we all hehe...

I won this pendant from LincolnChristian. I entered on her very pratty blog. Her shop is full of interesting designed glass tile pendants, especially of the new movie Twilight, for all you ladies out there ^_~. I, myself, haven't watch or read Twilght yet, but am looking forward to from all the good things I hear. I was already very interested in the movie when I saw the trailor, so just waiting for my boyfriend's romance mood to kick in lol. I want to read the book, but I'm one of those people who loves to read a book that has already been physically read, I'm a used book person. New books are nice, but I have the habit of displaying them more than reading them.

Well, lots of things to do this Monday morning so "Ciao Everyone!". May you have a wonderful Monday too!


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