Saturday, January 10, 2009

Relax...It's Saturday.

Picture Drawn by Rkdsign88's shop

Everyone needs some relax time or else they'll overload. The image is from one of my favorite shops and I love it. I told myself, today, I must relax and enjoy myself. So I looked up a couple fun activities in my local community.

1st Stop: Local Newspaper

~Perfect for the current day events. You can also go to you local newspaper website if you don't feel like driving out to pick up one.

2nd Stop:

~ It's the perfect first stop because you can check the weather for the day and the site has links to Family and Outdoor Activities. They also have neat outdoor checklists like Picnic Essentials!

3rd Stop:

~I go to this site whenever I travel to another city or to look for local "Things To Do" in my own city. Sometimes I find places and events I would never have known about and it's just a couple minutes away. Just go to the tab on the right that says "THINGS TO DO" and enter in city.

Sometimes this site reminds me of (for all you FRIENDS fans out there) when Ross showed his boss's niece around New York. He felt like a babysitter, but after he researched and visited all the tourist sites, he finds out how much he LOVES New York! lol You never know what in your own city that you just might fall in love with too. This site really helps you find out.

After these stops I usually find some great things to do for the day. Like today ^_^ I'm going to the Charles M. Schulz Museum. They are having a local cartoonist and illustrator Briana Miller there today and every Saturday. How awesome! Local artists!

Have a wonderful day everyone! and Remember...Relax..=)


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