Friday, January 9, 2009

ETSY: To Quit or Not to Quit

Cute CONFUSED Dog Tag...Made by Raynae

Etsy is great place to sell handmade items and to start a home business. I love all the art and creativity in one place. Ever since I first heard of Etsy I always heard the saying "Quit you Day Job!" cause Etsy made so many families become independant. All the Sucesses stories really make me believe and espscially since one of my own friends made it big on Etsy, so big she even opened a second shop!..and it's doing pretty well.

Now here's the problem, lately I've been seeing in the forum that people's sales have drop and some are warning to "Don't Quit Your Day Job!". I'm not saying I'm going to quit my job or anything, I just wanted to express my worry for the economy right now. It's suppose to be getting better, but with the CPSIA in Feb. and people pinching their dollars, I hope Etsy shops can survive.

Handmade items are always so nice and Etsy opened my eyes to so much talent in the world. I wouldn't want talented people to be unable to sell because of all the crazy new laws out there and the downfall of the economy. I guess this is just my two-cents. I hope everything will be well for everyone.

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  1. I know what you mean. I just opened my store last month, and I'm holding out hope that I'll sell anything ... at all. I know people are pinching their pennies right now.

  2. I would love nothing more than to scrapbook full time :) That being said, I know it is not a reality for me right now! I only have my Etsy Shop because I love to paper craft and I like making a little money on the side. The economy and government sure aren't helping any of us though!

  3. I would love to be crafting fulltime, but I kinda am being I'm unemployed right now. Look at the bright side of the whole economy problem. If you started your business during hard times, then you know what to expect when hard times come again. I personally enjoy the challenge of trying to get my handmade things out there to sell. If you can sell a little during hard times, then you will do all the better in good times! Keep plugging away and dreaming, never give up!



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