Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PIF = Pay It Forward

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One of my favorite finds on ETSY is PIFs. For those who haven't heard, PIF means Pay-It-Forward. On ETSY, seller's would list great items for a near-nothing price, usually 20 cents. They are doing this as a random act of kindness and hopes that the person who purchases their PIF listing will also perform some random act of kindness whether it's listing a PIF too or being nice to someone you know. It's all about spreading Good Karma and spreading more kindness around.

Well last night, I was thinking to myself that I have alot of great items, but not enough room or time to wait for them to sell. So that's why I will start listing more PIFs the whole month of January, and my readers will be the first to know when I list them. I think this is great for the people who love giveaways, but don't want to wait to know if they won, they can just buy it for almost nothing.

On the left side under my profile will be the latest PIF available in my shop, and when it sells I will list another the next day. All I ask is the buyer to pay the listing and shipping cost. This is fair because all my PIFs will be really cool items so don't miss out, check in often ^_^.

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  1. I loved the movie Pay It Forward!! What a great idea this is and very generous of you!! Going to heart your shop to see how it goes!



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