Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Awww...that teenage love. How blissful we were back at that age. All the fun crushes we all had, especially around this time of year. Valentine's Day was the day when guys and gals had the courage to announce their "love". Well, let's help out the teenages in our lives and add a little fun to one of the most "important" day of the year for them ^_^.

The sweet necklace picture above is super cute! A perfect accessory to any teenage girl's wardrobe. It reminds me of a "first kiss", doesn't it? You see how the girl in the pendant is lifting her leg as she leans in for her first kiss? Now that is how a first kiss should be, so special it makes you feel like you're floating. Give this great necklace to a teenage girl in your life, she'll absolutely love it! You can find the necklace in MaruMaru's shop for only $13.00!

What is a Valentine's Day without Love Notes?! ^_^ Odd, I'll say.. lol Get this great stationary set from LittleMoandFriends for $15.00. The set comes with 8 writing sheets, 4 envelopes and 4 cute LMF stickers. It's also made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper using clean green printing processes! That's awesome! I love this stationary set because the graphic of the girl throwing a paper plane love note is so sweet. I know I loved throwing paper plane love notes back then ^_^ ohh...the memories...

OK...back to earth now =) Our next item is this hilarious button from PrettyPixels for only $1.25! That's a great price and so affordable that you could grab a bunch for all the teenagers in your life. It also comes in the phrase "My heart belongs to What's HER Face", that way you could get it for a boy or a girl. Great on backpacks and even straight on a shirt.

Well, let's end today's feature with a "KISS"! Pictured below is a very cool and kissable necklace. It's sure to make any Valentine outfit stand out. Attract some loving attention with this flirty necklace made by FashionCandy for $15.00. You can also get this necklace in different custom colors, so make it your own kissable lips! ^_^


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  1. Thank you for featuring my buttons! I'm truly honored! *throws confetti around* Little Mo is featured too! Very cool! Hi Little Mo! :)

  2. What an amazing bunch of artists! I'm so honored to be featured with them. Thank you so much. ♥


  3. Hello hello girls! Wow really honoured to be featured alongside these talented artists and items!!! Oh i do remember teen love...lol!! Sigh...those were sweet days! xxx


  4. Teenage love, some memories there.....
    You've chosen some great goodies from etsy!


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