Sunday, January 18, 2009


I love me a good country romance novel. A good novel makes you imagine the scene and the events going on clearly. Well, here are couple of sweet country Valentine items that you will absolutely love. Create your own “country romance novel” with these lovely country gifts this Valentine’s Day.

What’s a romantic country themed Valentine without something as lovely as this handmade rose wreath hanging on your door? Invite your love ones into your home with a warm feeling when they see this amazing wreath and know that the person inside waiting for them is just as amazing. This Valentine Rose Wreath can be found in SouthernGirlFlorals’ shop for just $40.00.

Next is this beautifully made Stained Glass Suncatcher from GustineStreetGlass for $28.
It would brighten up any home or cottage. Just imagine the sun shining through your window, hitting this suncatcher on its way, and making your home glow with that extra warm feeling of love from its beautiful red and pink stained glass.

This wooden sign made by WoodyWords says it all, “Live, Laugh, and Love” this Valentine’s Day. Spread the joy and love Valentine’s Day brings to your home every year with this sign. It’s a reminder to all your family, friends, and neighbors how everyone should be everyday of their lives. Be Happy, Be Loved. This sign is available for $20 at WoodyWords.

Our last feature item for “Country Romance” is this handmade cross-stitch made by TreeFox. This cross-stitch is perfectly named “Love Birds”. This item will make a very unique gift to any Valentine. It really does give that added touch of country romance to any home for just $30.00.


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~ WoodyWords - 30% off (not including shipping costs) on purchases made before Jan. 31st

~ GustineStreetGlass - 10% off orders made before Jan. 31st.

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