Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day Feature Day 3 - "The Hobby Dad"

Good day everyone! Welcome to the last day of the Father’s Day Gifts Feature. Today’s feature is for “The Hobby Dad”. The Hobby Dad is a dad that loves to play and is fun to be around. He is a man who loves his hobby and loves to talk about it even more. The Hobby Dad wants to share his “wonderfully, fun” hobby experiences with his family and show them the excitement in what he enjoys.

Our first featured item is the Salty Mariner Kelp and Sea Salt VEGAN Soap, pictured above. This interesting soap is perfect for the fishing hobby dad. Everyday he can wake up and take a shower with the smell of the ocean waves. It’ll be like going fishing everyday and what fisherman doesn’t want that? lol. This bar of soap is made with kelp powder, seaweed, dead sea salt and spirulina. It has the strong salt and seaweed smell, but also a clean and crisp beach breeze and ocean wave smell to it. Because this vegan soap is made with Kelp it contains a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, plus amino acids. WOW, getting your vitamins while your shower lol yay! You can purchase this awesome gift for your Hobby Dad at Solsticescents’ Etsy Shop for $3.75.

The next featured Hobby Dad item is pictured below, the Old School Hand Tools Painted Silhouette. This silhouette is for the proud Mr. Fixer Upper in your life. He is the Hobby Dad that believes he can fix anything, and he can ^_~. Hand painted with watercolor on stained watercolor paper, this one of a kind piece of art work is a great gift for your Hobby Dad to hang in his tool shed or favorite work area. It also comes with two note cards, so your gift is ready to go. There’s even an option for gift wrapping. What a deal! Find this fine painting in Peartreeprimitives' Etsy Shop for $25.00

Next is a gift for the Music Lover Hobby Dad, a man who knows his music and connects with it. The picture above shows a beautiful 8x10 Fine Art Photographed Analog Studio. This photo is part of Brief Moments of Swing series by BriefMoments on Etsy. She was focusing on the art of sound and all its different manifestations, both natural and human-made. What a lovely thought that is. I’m sure your Music Lover Dad would feel the same when he sees this framed analog studio and appreciate it very much. You can purchase this original signed photograph in BriefMoment’s Etsy shop for just $20.00.

To finish off the Father Day’s Gift Feature is this awesome White Wall in Green - 8x10 fine art photograph by AppleLovesOrange. Absolutely a wonderful gift to the Car Lover Hobby Dad. The dad that loves his vehicles as much as he loves working on them. Printed on an 8x10 semi-gloss paper, this photograph is a reminiscent of pop art. I love the vibrant glow of the green and white. It will surely be a conversational piece and a gift your Hobby Dad will thank you for. Find this pop art piece in AppleLovesOranges’ Etsy shop on sale for $14.00.

Thank you everyone for joining in and reading my 3 day Father’s Day Gifts Feature. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I was of help for your gift shopping. Stop by again in 1-2 weeks for the 4th of July Feature! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!



  1. Thank you so much for the feature!! You're the best! :)

  2. I've enjoyed viewing your Father's Day gift posts these past few days. Lots of great ideas for Dad!
    Thanks so much for featuring my sil today! It is much appreciated!

  3. I just love this hand tool painting!! It is great idea!! I found wonderful gift options at Red Envelope...


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