Thursday, February 5, 2009

PhotoShop? I'm Trying "Picture It"!

As many people know, Photoshop is an amazing software that is also complex and very hard to learn and understand. Plus it costs hundreds of dollars...Ouch >_<. I always wanted to learn Photoshop and also purchase it, but I simply can't afford it and I don't even know if I could learn it. I just needed to find another way to fufill my photo/graphic editing needs...

Well thank my lucky stars! Today as I was heading home from work I decided to stop by my local thift store to just browse around for fun, then I saw it... a brand new, unopen box of Microsoft 'Picture It!' 2001. Okay, yea it's new but it's 8 years old...still hey I thought I'll give it a try for only $8.00. ^_^ So I headed home so excited and downloaded it immediately to my desktop. To my amazement it was truly awesome! It has all the features I was looking for in Photoshop and tons of extra artwork! The picture above is my first project on "Picture It" and I love it. Not bad for a 8 year old software huh lol.

I love my new software and love the price I got it for, now here's what I want to do for my readers so they can feel my excitement...Most of you have etsy shops and listings. I would be happy to try and improve any picture you may have on your listings or even a banner maybe. I'll do my very best as I learn the software. If you would like to give me a shot on improving something in your shop, please let me know by clicking on the EMAIL button on the top left ^_^. I'm so excited in hearing from everyone and I will be posting some future projects later on.


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  1. Nyny, Alex can give you Photoshop PS 2 for free - I got it from him but I don't know how to use it >.< silly meh =P


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