Thursday, January 15, 2009


Every Valentine's Day you think of your boyfriends, girlfriends, husband, wife, friends, etc..BUT do you remember your "Furry Friend"? The one that keep you warm and make you smile everytime you get home. That's right...your loving, loyal pet! Where this year, don't forget their cute little faces and make sure they also feel loved on Valentine's Day.

Our first item is the adorable Hugs and Kisses Dog Dress pictured above made by AwarenessItems. Now doesn't that sweet dog just make you smile? This doggie dress has a pink sequin heart in the middle of the pink and red bow with a matching varigated pink and red sparkly tulle under the skirt. Just imagine walking you dog down the street with this little dress, she'll be the talk of the neighborhood! ^_^ You can purchase this dog dress from AwarenessItems for $60.00. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

Is that Chocolate!? Yum...I love Chocolate. Oh but these are SPECIAL Chocolates...they're chocolate especially made for DOGS ^_^ *Gasp! Lol I'm kidding...every dog owner knows dogs can't eat chocolate, even though I'm sure dogs wish they could. These "chocolates" are actually Wheat-Free Dog Treats made by Hatz4Brats. Imagine presenting this to "candy box" to a pet owner and how surprise they would be to find out that such Gourmet Dog Treats exist! A truly fun gift to give. Boxes come with 12 treats and are available at Hatz4Brats for $16.00. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

I'll be yours little kitty, you don't even have to ask! ^_~ This adorable kitty is enjoying a sweet Valentine Cat Toy from ComestibleKid. Handmade and filled with 100% Organic Catnip, what more would you ask for? I know, a Great Price! This "Be Mine" cat toy is just $6.00! Copy this cat and grab them while you can. (*Discount & Special Available! See end of post.)

Have more than one kitty cat to give a Valentine treat too? Well than this next item is perfect for your cat-lover home. Pictured below is a set of three Heart-shaped Cat Toys filled with homegrown, organic catnip with a little poly batting for added softness. This trio set has a lovely graphic that's perfect for Valentine's Day. Available for $6.00 from MeowWow's Etsy Shop.


**Please Read: Discounts will only work when you put "NewYorkMemos" in "Seller's Note" during checkout.**

~ AwarenessItems - $5.00 off! & FREE Shipping on purchases made before Jan. 31st. *Shipment takes 3-5 weeks*

~ Hatz4Brats - FREE 4 oz bag of my oatmeal dipped dog cookies (see pic) with each purchase of a box of bon bon'es!

~ ComestibleKid - FREE Shipping on purchases made before Jan. 31st.

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  1. My dogs are spoiled and get goodies for every I think they would love those treats : )


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